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The file of plans for the amateur builder

For 20 years, the magazine “Le Chasse-Marée” published my plans of “sail-oar boat”, realised in time. Now, I made this activity my profession and my plans are increasing. There are many more of them. They include a great variety of boats. And they are presented with more and more complete and very high quality construction files. .

Our aim
Our aim is to propose boats for alternative ways of navigation, inspired by the tradition, on the web-site of Mr. Cem Gür who represents us in Turkey, Grece, Israel, Croatia, Russia and Ukraine.
It is also our aim to allow every d.i.y. enthousiast to build a boat, and even a beautiful boat. Having personally built many of my own plans, we are not only striving to make the construction easy, but also a source of great satisfaction. A satisfaction which will last a longtime, while navigating onboard a boat built by yourselves.

Plans and guides
Offered plans do not merely contain plans. As a general rule, you will find:.
- A chronological guide showing documents to be consulted at every step)
- General plans (see on the right) and plans of every detail, for example centerboard well, specific deck fittings (23 plans in A3 format for a Stir Ven). - Scaled plans of the frame, stempost with its square joints, inclined transom, even the profile of plankings. Attention all the same: some files do not contain these scaled plans and instead, a real size drawing on polyester template is offered (see the farther example) which then has to be bought. This is always indicated on the price list of the plans.

- Plans with precise instructions to be given to your suppliers (especially sails), ensuring the best possible result (fonctional and aesthetic).

- The sheets called “wooden construction” which form a real illustrated book (45 pages for an Ilur) explaining step by step every step of the construction (see on the right).

- Detailed list of necessary wood, plywood, deck fittings (see on the right).

- Instructions regarding application of (French) regulations.

- Finally, a free assistance by phone or by mail is offered to every client.

Evaluation or study files
They are simply extracts from the construction files, which allow you to make a better idea about the boat, its construction method, contents of the complete file etc.... You will also find the listing (plywood, wood, deck fittings) which will allow you to evaluate the budget.

Polyester templates
For a beginner, drawing the boat is one of the most difficult steps. That is why we offer more and more real size drawings on polyester templates of the frame, the stem, the transom and often other pieces. It is enough to put the template on the pieces to be cut, transfer the drawing, and you can start your construction the easiest way

The templates are sent by post in plastic tubes, to avoid all damages during the transport.

Picture on the right: “real size” drawing (very reduced) on polyester template of the front frame. Please note the cutting of the keel, drawing of square joints of the frame, profiles of the bulkheads

The horizontal line on top shows the plane of placement on construction site, so every template of the frame should be extended until this line.

You want something else?
I am continuously trying to increase the number of offered files, especially with boats of different sizes or different types. Quite often, a new plan is the result of an answer to somebody’s specific request. If I “feel” the requested boat, if I estimate that it can answer a more general demand, it is possible for me to draw the boat of your dreams. Eventually on condition that you let me know difficulties encountered during construction, and that you send me beautiful pictures of the boat on navigation. Many plans have been realised this way, and others are already in the project stage. Computers also help to make many things. You want a little karger, or a little longer boat. We can rapidly modify the master plan and print a real size drawing on template. It is up to you to adapt the rest with a few advices.

Explications on the price list
Levels of construction files
Ease of construction

A boat which is “very easy” to build is for every amateur boat-builder and is the ideal choice for a first-time construction. An “easy” boat is for a careful amateur boat-builder. A “quite easy” boat is still accesible to many, but requires more experience in joining the parts, and experience in choosing the wood. A “medium” boat is for someone who has already built another simpler boat. You may need wood- working machines, and the project lasts longer. All this should be considered relatively to the degree of finition desired. It is easier to build a painted boat which allows “corrections” by the epoxy mastic, than a beautiful varnished hull which accepts only a perfect assembly. I have considered that the ease of construction rating takes into account the polyester hulls when they exist, but not the complete kits which make the construction even easier.

Kits and materials
For the majority of our plans, “à la carte” kits and material lots can be purchased, especially pre-cut wood parts, which greatly simlifies the work of an amateur builder who does not have a wood- working machine, nor the experience to buy wood from a carpenter. For more diffused boats, a kit of plywood pieces cut on digital CNC machines, containing the assembly template as well as the parts of the boat, is offered. With the precision of plans made on computer, assembly becomes very easy.

Real size drawing on polyester template
For a beginner, drawing the boat is one of the most difficult steps. That is why we offer more and more real size drawings on polyester templates of the frame, the stem, the transom, skin (clinch-built), centerboard well, rudder, etc... It is enough to put the polyester template (very resistant and non-deformable) on the plywood, transfer the drawing and you can cut without worry of making mistakes. The polyester template is a very economical solution, because it reduces wastage, and practically it is paid-back by the reduction of number of polyester plates. Only the kit of CNC-cut plywood may not need it.

When the table indicates “available”, ordered files are sent by parcel service. In some cases, rig modifications or detailed plans may need extra work, so they can be sent afterwards. Indicated delays are subject to change depending on other received orders.

Evaluation or study files
Extracts from the construction file, general plans, and indications on the materials and working time, which allow you to be better informed on the boat characteristics, its versions, costs and its method of construction, before deciding to buy the construction file.

(1): Caution: these files do not contained scaled drawings of the frame. Real size drawings on polyester template are an obligatory complement to the file. >

(2): Discount for the owners of old files sold by Chasse-Marée until 2003: consult the REPRESENTATIVE.